boon. is the new way to make payments.

Cash and cards are thing of the past. boon. is the new way to make payments. Contactless, simple and secure. connection.

Not just simple, but simply secure.

Make secure payments, simply. boon. and your smartphone make this possible.

With boon. you can make payments worldwide. Simply and securely.

boon. now makes travelling even simpler. With boon. you can make payments at all MasterCard® Contactless acceptance points worldwide.

Is boon. running on your smartphone?


Make purchases without cash or cards.

Smart & secure

Effortlessly top up credit and make encrypted payments.


View and verify transactions at any time with a finger tap.


Fast upgrades for higher limits and more functions.

Mobile payment – easier than ever before


Thanks to the fast and easy registration process, you can use boon. to make payments within a matter of minutes. boon. works with any mobile network operator and NFC-enabled smartphones.


The automatic top-up function makes sure you always have enough credit. Make payments around the world wherever MasterCard Contactless is accepted – even without an Internet connection.


The boon. protect security pack offers maximum protection for your credit and your personal details. All the information stored in boon. is optimally protected by a PIN number and password.

Why boon. is so secure

With boon. protect, we offer maximum security thanks to cutting-edge standards and technologies.

Every payment transaction has to be authorised with a PIN number. You choose the PIN number yourself during the registration process.
All the stored sensitive information can only be accessed using your password.
Your purchasing history gives you complete transparency regarding your account activity at all times.
The technology boon. is based on has been checked and certified by MasterCard.

All the boon. levels at a glance

Quick and easy upgrades give you greater functionality and increase your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly top-up limits.

Fees and top-up limits – no hidden costs!


boon. START is your gateway to the world of contactless payments via smartphone. Try it for yourself!


When you upgrade to boon. BASIC, you can top up your credit by means of a credit transfer or using a credit card. The automatic top-up function performs top-ups for you and makes sure you never run out of credit. Additional top-up methods will be available soon!


With a maximum top-up limit of 5,000 euros, boon. PLUS is perfect for anyone who prefers to leave cash and cards at home and who wants to also pay larger sums simply with their smartphone.

Download the app now and be a part of it right from the start!

boon. works with all NFC-enabled smartphones with Android 4.4 or higher and are approved by MasterCard. You can find an overview of the devices here.